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Featuring local bands, dance performance & photography exhibition by our home-grown talents.


22 August Friday




The Courtyard
Next to Blk 414, Yishun Ave 11

Max Lee

Owing to his exposure to Cantonese- pop since his teenage years, Max realized his passion for singing after a small performance in school. Despite his initial failures at various competitions, he persevered in his learning and continued to acquire different skills from the Internet and joining Lee Wei Song School of Music’s (LWSSOM) Pop Choir course.
Max currently pursues his music career and ambition to perform on a professional platform very actively. He is also a part-time vocal instructor at LWSSOM.

Secret Doors

Secret Doors is a band of acquaintances put together in the midst of their academic years. Over the months, they discovered common grounds and what separated them as individual aspiring musicians. Their repertoire consists of theme driven songs, weaving together catchy melodies and groovy basslines into a chromatic spectrum.


HOF is a young team but the members have many years jamming as a group in various youth events.
They enjoy making music, and breathing life and fun into what they do. So many positive changes occur during the process of producing and sharing music. HOF is inspired to create special moments with their audience through their songs.

The Facade

We are a group who love music and we play anything from pop to blues to rock – anything that makes your heads bob. Our main inspirations are John Mayer, Maroon 5, The Script and other nice sounding people.

We are currently working on our very own originals to create an EP. We are also working on putting up more YouTube videos to reach out to more people.

The Facade