comprises of a digital animation and a photography exhibition cum workshop. Pixelogy brings our audience the experience of digital art, introducing how basic traditional animation is done via flipbooks and digital animation through our basic studio set-up and the art of photography via its narratives.


A photography narrative that invites us to consider our interaction with each other and our environment.

The influences may be subtle or significant, harmful or helpful, fleeting or forever. In the dances we partake with each other, consider that the choreography can be beautiful or otherwise.

  • Animatro

    Walter & Samuel

Ever wondered how your favourite cartoons and animated movies are made? Animatro will help you discover just that. Through the use of various mediums, we seek to give participants a basic introduction to world of animation, and in the process, a sense of appreciation for the art itself.

To educate festival participants on the basics of animation, and create an appreciation and awareness for this form of art. We will utilize mini-props, such as Lego toys, and video capturing devices to allow participants to produce their own animated clip, which will incorporate a message that they can send to their family, friends and loved ones.

  • Two

    Benedict Chan

This is a series of images with two people in each frame. Both individuals have a special relationship with each other that we can somehow relate to with our parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, significant others, and friends . May these images evoke that special feeling you have for those individuals in your life. And may that remind us of the connectedness between you, between me, and someone else we might know in the world.