Yellowren Arts Festival

The inaugural Yellowren Arts Festival 2013 spans across two contemporary Asian cities, Tokyo and Singapore.

Yellowren Arts Festival made its Tokyo debut from 28 May to 2 June 2013 in the creative enclave of Shimokitazawa with exhibitions that charmed the bohemian Japanese city-dwellers. The Singapore segment being of a larger scale premieres in August 2013 with fringe activities and a three-day festival bringing local artists, both professionals and non-professionals who are skilled in their creative practice, together to showcase a series of exhibitions, workshops and music performances in the northern heartland of Singapore at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, Yishun.

Through the arts festival, Yellowren wants to provide a meeting place for people from the community to showcase their artworks, create conversations; establish connections with one another and more importantly to allow people to see beauty and hope.

This year has been a fantastic start for Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 at Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo from 2 to 7 May. The arts festival had a greater collaboration with more talented local and overseas artists, showcasing their quality creative works to the community in Japan. The Singapore segment of the arts festival will run from 29 to 31 August 2014 at the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park.

Yellowren is also working to further enhance the experience for the Yishun community to engage them in their cultural context. They are excited to have Mr Chu Wei from PunkStar on board as Co-festival Director working alongside the Festival Director, Mr Jeremy Chia. The Singapore segment will feature on a larger scale, an array of local performances, hands-on workshops and creative artworks.

They have also categorised the arts festival into 3 main areas: Artivity, Craft & Pixelogy.

The theme of the arts festival is “Between Us”.

2014 Arts Festival Theme

The pronoun “us” is often used to represent the connection between two persons or that within a collective. Yet what are the dynamics and synergy that develop between spaces to create “us”? Do “us” refer only to human relations? What about connections between people and their physical environment? Yellowren Arts Festival 2014 brings you “Between Us“, an experience for all to create conversations, break barriers, appreciate simplicity or bridge emotions that may just lend meaning to our daily interactions with others, objects and nature.

The Festival Team

Yellowren Productions

Yellowren is a fusion name, yellow being the ‘color’ of the Asian majority and ‘ren’ being the romanization of the Chinese character, ‘人’, which means people.

Yellowren Productions is an arts boutique company based in Singapore. The company envisions to effect lives with stories of renewal and to emerge the transformation of communities through spaces of the arts. Also, Yellowren creates a platform for innovative artists to bring and bridge the expressions of their works within communities, igniting conversations, relationships and stories.

Despite a broken world, Yellowren believes in the certainty of hope.